May 23, 2013

Energi Pelabuhan Indonesia

Energi Pelabuhan IndonesiaPT Energi Pelabuhan Indonesia, a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) and PT Haleyora, which is engaged in the field of plant energy (electricity).

PT Energi Pelabuhan Indonesia existence can not be separated from the presence of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II, which continues to make improvements to service users will dock port services start, during and after take-leaning leaning. The strong desire shown by the Board of Directors of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II to form several subsidiaries, including PT Energi Pelabuhan Indonesia.

Based on the Deed of Establishment No. 5 dated 11 November 2012 made ​​by N.M. Dipo Nusantara Pua Upa,S.H, Mkn, PT Energi Pelabuhan Indonesia was formed. PT Energi Pelabuhan Indonesia requires experienced personnel, the position:

  1. Staf Akuntansi (SA)
    Education min. D3 Accounting, 2.75 GPA, experience min. 1 yr. in Accounting, Male, age max 25 years
  2. Marketing / Pengembangan Usaha dan Costumer Service
    Education min. D3 marketing, GPA 2.75, Min. 1 year in the field of marketing, max age 25 yrs, Female, looking, Mastering MS Office, Fluent in English
  3. Sekretaris (S)
    Education min. D3 Secretary, GPA 2.75, 1 year experience as Secretary, max age 27 yrs, Male / Female, Mastering MS Office
  4. Administrasi dan Umum (AU)
    Education min. D3 Administration, GPA 2.75, 1 yr experience. in Administration, max age 25 yrs, Male, Mastering MS Office, Fluent in English
  5. Administrasi Niaga (AN)
    PEducation min. D3 Informatics, GPA 2.75, Experience 1 yr. the field of data processing, age max 25 years old, Male / Female
  6. Teknologi Informasi (TI)
    Education min. D3 Information Engineering, GPA 2.75, which could Preferred programming and database (MySQL) or Oracle, max age 25 yrs, Male / Female
  7. Power House / Scada (PH)
    Education min. STM Electrical Power, 2.75 GPA, 2 years experience in the field of electricity, max age 25 yrs, Male, Mastering MS Office, Autocad, ArcView
Cover Letters equipped with a Copy of diploma, transcript, CV, Latest Photograph 2 4X6 sheets, Copy ID, No Phone / Mobile, and e-mail addresses, which can be contacted, please send to:

Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 30 Jakarta Utara

Put the position code on the top left of the envelope not later than May 31, 2013
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